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5 Christian Abundance Myths
Thanks so much for your interest in overcoming the challenges of creating a prosperous and fulfilling business or ministry while keeping your relationships a top priority on a daily basis.
By diving in here you will:
  • Open yourself up to key mindset  shifts that will help you better monetize your business or ministry.
  • Get over hang ups around charging what you are worth, especially when you product or service has a spiritual or religious component to it.
  • Understand why having great self-care and attending well to your relationships actually helps you better serve your tribe.
  • Smash the lie that you can’t have a meaningful business or ministry tailored just to you and make money.
Letting yourself shine with the talents God gave you doesn’t mean you have to abandon the little guy or put unrealistic demands on yourself
You can help build the kingdom, while living in abundance on a daily basis while still accepting the crosses God has allowed you to have.  These are not mutually exclusive.